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Limit: 25/25
Type of tool: 
Topics addresses by the tool: 
Learning mobility
60-90 minutes
Created by: 
UNIQUE Learning Badges

This tool is developed with the vision to create the world where any learning, wherever and whenever made, can be recognised and valued. This tool is created within the Youth in Action 4.4 project for innovation and quality. We are in the middle of development but already started testing the digital badges for recognition of non-formal learning in European youth work. This tool will be featured in the Tools' publication too. One of the objectives of this initiative is to use the best practice of Youthpass and extend it beyond the Youth in Action programme.

Target group and number of participants: 

The tool as well as the activity is very flexible in terms of age and number of participants. It may be easily adjusted to the context and situation. And it is the core beauty and benefit of UNIQUE Learning Badges.


UNIQUE Learning Badges aims at recognising non-formal learning in European youth work context.


To offer online and offline tools to create the unique recognition systems powered with digital badges - credentials which brings the recognition to the 21st century technology and mindset. To benefit and improve from the currently available Youthpass recognition tool and Portofolio for Youth Leaders and Youth Workers To advance the recognition of non-formal learning to the level where employers and formal education institutions can "understand" and integrate achievements of non-formal learning.


UNIQUE Learning Badges are based on the following pillars of methodology: - practice, values and principles of non-formal learning in Europe - learning-to-learning approach and methodology - Open Badges standard for digital tools to enable recognition of learning wherever and whenever is gained (for more details do not hesitate and visit http://www.openbadges.eu) - gamification theory and practice which uses game elements to enhance any activity we want

Material and Resources needed: 

Printed handouts, computer (I can use mine!) and beamer (that would be more than welcomed) and a valuable prize to be unlocked as part of activity.

Step by step process: 

1. Participants receive the scenario which is build around the history and myths of Delphi. They have special role in making the history and fulfilling specific missions. 2. Participants are given a number of missions to be implemented within the time and space of Toolfair session. All the missions are around the learning and the way people learn. They are connected with what is the Toolfair and what people take from it as learning. The missions will be implemented individually as well as in teams. Each mission has it's badge - a visual representation of skill or achievement linked to the mission. Participants are involved in the gamified learning experience which enables them learning and reflecting new stuff from Toolfair as well as contributing and unlocking achievements (specific badges which recognise their learning in this activity). Missions are gradually evolving into more complex and more challenging resulting into the final super badge. This supper badge is build on the innovative Open Badges technology and recognise learning and achievements of participants involved. 3. Debriefing of the activity in order to reflect on the gamified learning experience and understand the nature of the badge-powered learning.


Participants of the activity will: -> experienced gamified learning and will understand main principles and methods of gamification; -> will get familiar with the too UNIQUE Learning Badges in practice; -> will reflect their learning during the Toolfair and make it more visible; -> will learning the digital tool UNIQUE Learning Badges for recognition of non-formal learning in European youth work; -> will re-think their practice of recognition of non-formal learning


We keep experimenting this tool within the European and national contexts. So far we received very optimistic and possitive feedback. However, we would like to keep experimenting with it in order to get also critical and constructive feedback. So far, we see limits of the tool being very much technological. Yet many youth workers and youth leades are struggling with new digital technology. Another challenge is that Learning Badges are based on the technical standard of Open Badges, which is in essence an open source code. There is lack of trust for opensess in the world in general and in the recognition in particular. UNIQUE Learning Badges is offering one of the solutions of how recognition of non-formal learning can adapt to the needs of contemporary learning and available technology and yet not losing non-formal learning qualities.

Notes for further use: 

Well, it is so transformable that any educator can make her own unique system of recognition...

Creative Commons: 
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (SUGGESTED)