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Sat, 19/11/2011 - 10:00

Roger Hart, a sociologist for UNICEF who originally developed the Ladder when he proposed the first definition of the concept of participation in 1992, based on his experiences in environmental studies. he described participation as "the process of sharing that affect one's life and the life of the community in which one lives. it is the means by which democracy is built and it is a standard against which democracies should be measured." According to Hart, participation is the "fundamental right of citizenship." The key element of Hart’s definition is decision-making. He describes participation as a ladder, with levels of youth’s involvement in projects ranging from non-participation. He identifies eight levels of participation, calling this the Ladder of participation.

Target group and number of participants: 

children 12 to 17 year old youth 18 to 30 year old it depends on the content how to use this tool we can work on 2-4 groups (each group has 4-5 persons)

Aim and objectives: 

The participation ladder tool aims to - make youth workers to deeply realize what youth participation is and how could it be - measure the degree of youth’s participation in any kind of content of the youth work. - evaluate the youth workers' activities with target groups in term of the level of participation, and be able to know on which level they do work


interactive workshop

Duration and step by step process: 

it takes 90 minutes - Start with definition for the Youth Participation - Cases to be showed for participants and asking for their opinions if each case has youth participation or not - Short stories/situations to be showed for participants to decide if the action by youth is considered a participation or not (Agree/Dis Agree) - dividing participants to 3 or 4 groups and provide them with disordered levels of participation ladder, each level on separate paper, and the task for them is to order them from less participation to highest level of participation (from 1 to 8) - show more cases and ask participants about the level of participation in each case

Material and Resources needed: 

Room for 10 to 15 participants or bigger to get more participants A4 paper (we'll need to make copies of some materials) LCD -projector to show cases on wall or screen or colored paper/ cartoon + colors


participants are aware of working on higher level of youth participation participants are able to differ between levels of participation in term the done activities participants will work with youth considering the importance of deep youth participation


the last step of the workshop will evaluate if the concept has been delivered to the participant

Notes for further use: